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Would You Like the Expertise of a “Forecaddie” for Your Business?

This week I’m in Central Oregon and the weather is a fabulous 80 degrees. Yesterday, through the power of networking and good fortune, Kay (my mom) and I played golf at one of the premier private courses here in Central Oregon called Pronghorn. What a treat. The course was phenomenal… and hard, at least for someone who has never played it before. Luckily we had Peter with us. Peter is a forecaddie. In case you are wondering, a forecaddie is a person situated in the general landing area of holes to help quickly identify a ball’s position. As well as being great at spotting our ball, Peter was able to tell us exactly where we should be hitting the ball. He knew the distance to every tree, bunker, mound, flag position, and curve of the green. On several occasions Peter would say, “Now aim this shot about 15 feet to the right of the flag stick and hit it about x yards.” Not knowing the course, I trusted my advisor and adjusted my aim, even though his advice sometimes was counter to what I thought I should be doing. On the rare occasion I actually executed the shot like he instructed, the ball landed out of sight, behind the hill, and I heard Peter say, “Just wait. You’re going to see your ball trickling down to the flag.” And then, just as if he had control of my ball with a remote control, out from behind the mound came my ball, rolling gently toward the hole. Without his course knowledge I never would have picked that shot, and consequently my ball would have rolled right off the green.

I run across quite a few people who are scrambling their way through business just like playing a brand new golf course. They are armed simply with their own ideas and a set of tools for execution (or should I say “a set of clubs”) without much insight into what to expect and how to get around obstacles. They rely on their own experience and make decisions based on their own singular perspective. I’m not saying this is wrong. Just like playing a new golf course without a forecaddie, it’s more challenging and there’s a lot more opportunity for struggle, frustration, and the chance to make expensive mistakes. I think of a business coach like a forecaddie. They can help to steer you through the maze of decision making, problem solving, and effective strategizing all the while helping you to avoid some costly mistakes.

Would you like the expertise of a forecaddie for your business? I’ve been interviewing million-dollar business owners and pulling together the tips, tricks, secrets, and strategies for how to make the leap and transform your business into a million-dollar business.Friday, September 24th, I will unveil brand-new secrets and strategies that you can use right away to grow your business to a million-dollar success. It’s like having a forecaddie working for you in your business.

Million-Dollar Business
Strategies & Secrets Revealed
September 24 12:00-1:30
8281 East Evans Suite 104
Scottsdale, AZ 85260


The hot, hot summer is winding down. The kids are back to school and it’s time to put your game face on. There are only four more months to the end of the year. This is it! This is the home stretch.
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The next live F-R-E-E event will be held September 24, from 12:00-1:30pm

** NOTE** These F-R-E-E session will be held monthly
with new strategies, secrets, tips, and concepts to be revealed
each month.

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