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Want to know the 8 magic words that will absolutely transform your business in 2010?

Here are the first 2… Play Big!
Nothing great was ever achieved by playing small. Too often we set our sights on what we think is realistic and reasonable. Did you ever notice how often you set a goal or target only to fall slightly short of the mark? It happens. In fact falling slightly short of our goals and targets is the norm. One philosophy would be to lower our targets. Guess what. We still fall a little short. It’s time to play big.

A successful outcome is never guaranteed, but one thing is for certain, you can never win of you don’t play.

There’s no way we can reach our dreams if we don’t at least shoot for them. Play big, release your fears, and go for it. Build a structure to support achieving a goal twice as big as you think is reasonable. You might not hit the mark, but at least you’re playing the game. And guess what, more times than I can count I’ve seen people completely and totally surprise themselves by achieving more than they ever thought possible, just by raising the bar.

PLAY BIG! You can do it!!


It’s time to break the mold and allow your business and your life to become what you’ve always believed it could be!

Over the past 4 weeks, like many of you, I enjoyed the holidays and all the festive parties that went along with it. I heard a resounding excitement from each and every person I met about how happy they are to have 2009 behind them and how exited they are for all the new possibilities of 2010. It is going to be a great year and I will be doing my part to make sure you have breakthrough growth this year. Now all you have to do is your part.

Here’s step one.
Do you have your 2010 Strategic Plan created?
_ Yes _ No

If you answered “no”
Grab you best friend, your best accountability partner, your best client, or your best referral partner and sign up for the 2010 Breakthrough to Success Business Planning Program, right now. (You can bring a buddy for free!!!)

Click Here for event details and to register.

If “yes”
Schedule your F-R-E-E 45 minute One-on-One strategic plan evaluation today.

This is your opportunity to have my 10 years of experience working with thousands of business owners in business development, goals setting, strategizing, business planning, and game changing success working for you for FREE.

It’s your business and you’re life that is at stake. Take every opportunity you have to give yourself the edge for greater success.

To sign up for your F-R-E-E 45 minute strategic plan evaluation email and write “FREE Evaluation” in the subject line. I will personally follow up with you to schedule your FREE strategic plan evaluation.

Stay tuned, the next 6 magic words that will absolutely transform your business in 2010 are coming up later this week.

In pursuit of your breakthrough success,
Coach Troy

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