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The Power of One Idea

Check this out real quick…
Have you ever received a voice message from someone important and just as they’re leaving their phone number the message cuts out and you miss the last number? Aaaagggh!! We all know that it takes exactly 10 numbers to make a successful phone call and without that last number it simply doesn’t work. All you need is that one last number and everything works perfectly, easily, and effortlessly.

Consider this the very same possibility for the breakthrough success of your business. For many of you, all you need is that one more number, or that one last idea. You are so close. You have so many perfect pieces in place, and all you need is that one last piece to the puzzle and your struggle will transform into freedom.

This is the POWER OF ONE IDEA and this is the sole purpose of the Biz Breakthrough Series. We never know where this one idea will come from. We never know who will give it to us, or when it will show up, but when it does the doors open, the floodgates release, and the money flows. Our main job is to give ourselves the best possible chance and to invest our time and our energies into the people and events that will provide us the absolute best opportunity to receive that one idea.

This is the mission of the Biz Breakthrough Series, to provide you with constant, consistent, and continuous opportunities to get the one breakthrough idea you need. So, please join me, Coach Troy, Head Coach for America’s Small Business and Tom Healy, America’s Most Dynamic Young Speaker along with the North Scottsdale Chamber of Commerce every third Thursday of the month as we bring you the best people, topics, and resources to help you get your one breakthrough idea so you too can complete that most important phone call…

“Hello bank, it’s me calling. Yes, I will be depositing truckloads of money today. Please be ready!!”

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