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The Magic Words that will Transform Your Business Strategy in 2010!

Want to know the 8 magic words that will make your 2010 the year you’re dreaming it will be?

The first two magic words for 2010…PLAY BIG.
The third magic word that will absolutely transform your business in 2010…SPEED!
Magic word #4…TEAM!
PLAYING BIG, with SPEED, and a powerful TEAM can only lead to one thing (magic words 5 & 6) BREAKTHROUGH GROWTH.

PLAYING BIG is about playing full out, challenging ourselves to stretch outside our comfort zone, and expand our boundaries.

SPEED is about getting stuff done fast to produce results and move from analysis into action.

TEAM is what we need in order to play a big game, to make decisions fast, and to execute effectively.

The intent for these three themes is BREAKTHROUGH GROWTH not just growth.

We’re not playing for a casual growth so set your sights on the breakthrough results.
Ask for what you want not what you think is reasonable.
Focus your mind to believe it is not only possible but it is absolutely certain.

Breakthrough growth happens every day for thousands of businesses. Why shouldn’t it happen for yours?

I’ll tell you that most people don’t see breakthrough growth because they aren’t playing for breakthrough growth. They don’t have breakthrough visions or aspirations. Not because they wouldn’t like it. Most people would absolutely love to see their business triple or even quadruple in revenues. The problem is that they don’t believe it can happen and they believe that if it did happen then for some odd reason they would suffer because of it.

I want you to know, absolutely, that BREAKTHROUGH GROWTH is possible and YOU CAN HAVE IT NOW!!! So set your intent to have breakthrough growth today!!

Want to know how to achieve breakthrough growth?

It all starts with a desire, a vision, and a plan. If you have the desire I will help you refine the vision and solidify the plan!!!

You must act right away to secure your spot. There are only a few seats left for the February Business Planning Program.

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In pursuit of your BREAKTHROUGH success,
Coach Troy

P.S. Remember you can bring a friend for F-R-E-E!!!

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