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Simple steps to ensure you are taking the RIGHT actions to grow your business

One of the biggest challenges I see small business owners facing is consistently taking the key actions that will produce bottom line results. It’s easy to get wrapped up doing stuff. As a small business owner we wear so many hats which cause us to get pulled in many directions. Without a clear and deliberate focus on taking the RIGHT actions we end up spinning our wheels, stressing out, burning out, and each day go home exhausted, crashing into bed only to wake up the next morning, do it again, and years later look back and realize, “Crap, I’m in the same place I was three years ago.” (Phew, that was a long sentence.)

The critical element is taking the right actions that allow your business to grow. The great part that I’ve discovered is that the majority of people I talk to already know exactly what they need to be doing. For those who aren’t sure I have a simple step-by-step system that I use to help them become crystal clear on what needs to be done. That’s actually the easy part.

The big challenge is that they aren’t taking those critical actions. Here are three strategies that will help you to focus your energy and your efforts on exactly the right actions to grow your business.

Get a coach- Yep I’m just going to come right out and say it!

I just completed my latest interview with a man who owns 12 companies, has surpassed the million-dollar business mark, and has goals to reach $14 million in annual revenue. I asked him, “What have you done that has had the biggest impact on your business?” Without hesitating he said, “COACHING!” In just three years his coach helped him to transform his business into a million-dollar business. Something that he was unable to do on his own.

Coaching is the single most effective growth tool you can use. Your coach will ensure that you are on track, focused, and producing results. They challenge you and stretch you to breakthrough barriers, knock down walls, and get stuff done faster and easier. The only downside to coaching is that you no longer get to complain about your problems and challenges holding you back.

 Identify who you are trying to please.

Are you running your business out of a fear of disappointing someone or trying to please everyone? The simple answer is “of course not.” I invite you to look a little deeper. Quite often the reason for not taking the right actions revolves around a fear of disappointing, upsetting, or feeling disapproval by someone. This typically happens without our conscious awareness.

When you consider taking that bold step forward take notice if you recoil or hold back due to a thought or feeling of someone’s disapproval or judgment of you.

 This is a real experience and has destroyed many an entrepreneurs dream. The best way to breakthrough this obstacle is through a strong support structure. Build a great peer support team, find a powerful mentor, and get a coach. Those three elements will help you in those critical times when you need to overcome the internal fears that keep you from taking the RIGT actions.

 Shift your focus off of your to do list

Is your goal each day based around crossing items off of your list? If so, you might be stuck in a rut. A great strategy for moving forward and generating momentum is to simply put your head down and go. Quite often any action that gets you moving is good action. However, we can easily work ourselves into a rut, or pattern, that is based on habit and not on results. If you find yourself jamming from one task on the list to another and your goal each day is to get stuff done on your list…most likely you’re stuck in a rut.

 Once momentum is rolling it’s important to shift focus from activity to RESULTS. I suggest setting up a visual display of projects and completion dates. Then focus each day on the RESULTS that need to be produced and not just the tasks that need to be completed. Track each result daily with your team and remember to celebrate each and every win (um…result produced)!!

Raising the bar for success involves a lot of focusing and re-focusing of our strategies to ensure we are taking the RIGHT actions. It is a constant balancing act between strategy and execution. You may have one or a couple of these pieces in place already. Whatever you have, use this as an opportunity to refine your strategy, put one more piece in place, and keep building your foundation for success. The more work you do on this now, the easier it gets later.

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