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Rolling out a new program…Million-Dollar Business Habits of Excellence!!

This week I’m working diligently on setting up my brand new program the Million-Dollar Business Habits of Excellence program.


I’m super excited. I’ve been really working on how to help you as a business owner, professional, and  entrepreneur to move forward and improve your focus, your effectiveness, and your results in a simple, fun, and effective way that doesn’t take you out of your focus, distract your from your goal, or is just too much effort to achieve.


The M.D.B. Habits of Excellence program is perfect. The whole idea is to add into your daily life a habit that will help you to be more productive, more focused, get stuff done easier, give you more energy, lift your spirits, and overall help you produce better results. Sometimes thinking about this process can be scary and daunting. The reason for this is that we often take on too much. When we have an elephant to eat we can get very discouraged. The trick is to take small bites and just keep moving forward consistently.


The whole essence of the The Habits of Excellence program is to take small bites and just keep going. We’re going to focus on setting up one habit that you really want to focus on and YOU KNOW will make a huge difference for you.


I’m going to walk you through a very specific process, give you a step by step method, and be here to support you and encourage you to make this positive and fun shift. Then together we’re going to celebrate how this one little personal growth project completely impacts every aspect of your success.


If you want some more information here’s the link to the official registration page with the most important details. Or you can post a comment below!


Stay focused on excellence, play BIG, and put your passion in action

Coach Troy

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