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Release the Brakes and Move Forward

Two weeks ago I posted an article on my blog with the three steps to make a business transformation (like adding staff, doubling your income, upgrading your systems). The three steps were…

o       Anticipate

o       Decide

o       Start Now.

You can review the article here 

I thought it would be beneficial to give you some ideas on the right starting point to make these important business shifts.

The first place to turn your attention on once you’ve decided to make a business upgrade is your mindset.

I want you to release the brakes that are stopping you from moving forward. Here are the three ways to make the initial mindset shift and release the brakes to get you moving…


Challenge Your Own Beliefs

I had a client who once told me he didn’t want to make more than $100k per year. When I asked him why he said, “Making more than that just causes problems.” When I asked him where he came up with this philosophy he told me it was because his parents constantly argued over money.

Watching his parents argue over money created a belief that making over $100k per year meant trouble at home. This is what I call a “false association.” We are always making decisions based on our beliefs. Quite often our beliefs are not accurate.

Whatever you think you can or think you can’t…you’re right. Challenge your beliefs. If you want something and you think you can’t get it, then get help to create a new belief pattern. It WILL change your life and likely your income.

Action: Identify what you want. Answer the question: “Why can’t I have this?” or “Why will this be difficult?” or “What will stop me from having this?” You answer will be based in a belief…now challenge that belief!


There Is Nothing Else To Do

I bet you would not even be shocked by the number of people who tell me, “I’d love to start coaching with you for my business. Once I…blah blah blah…then I’ll call you.” It’s a regular occurrence. This is like saying, “Once I get into shape then I will go to the gym.” Look, I think I’m pretty close to being the all time master of this process and I can tell you first hand that all it does is kill your momentum.

Action: Adopt the mantra, “What is the fastest way to the cash.” Make a plan, get your plan checked off by your coach, and get moving directly on the shifts you need to make. There is nothing else to do.


Stay Positive + Some

This sounds cliché but stick with me here. The negative spiral is one that creeps up on you in such a way that I’ve seen even the most positive people slide into a black hole of negativity that they didn’t even know they were in. It comes on when we get tired, have a lot of stress and pressure, and are riding a wave that is throwing one challenge after another in our face.

It happens. It will happen to you, me, and everyone we know. The trick is not just about staying positive it’s about surrounding ourselves with people who are willing to fight for our mental attitude. We have to make sure we have people around us to pull us out of the black hole when we slide into it.

As far back as I can first remember being coached as a kid, I remember my coach saying, “Good job, keep your chin up. You did good.” All of my great coaches were great because they helped me to think straight, stay positive, and keep the right mindset about the game.

Action: First add one new person to your support team who is an eternally positive influence on you. Second, remove someone from your regular daily activities who is not a powerful mental influence.


This is the way to get started, get the right people around you to keep your mind set in the positive direction, stop creating other things to do, and challenge the beliefs that could be holding you back.

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