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Making money is just the beginning »

One of the perks to building a successful business is having the cash flow to allow you to enjoy some of the grand luxuries of life. To some that may mean buying an exotic car, or moving into your dream house, or even taking  awesome vacations. Whatever your desire is the obvious key to success is to build a business that provides you the cash flow as well as the time freedom to make this possible.


Over the past couple of years I’ve picked up a very important piece of advice from doing my million-dollar business owner interviews. Making money is only the beginning step yet is often the only step considered. I’ve spoken with several very successful business owners who have built a business into the multi-millions of dollars and because they didn’t effectively learn and implement the key steps to manage and leverage their financial “lottery” they ended up right back in the rat race.


Keep in mind making money is only the first step. To ensure you get to the true wealth levels and experience the freedom of life that goes with it, it’s crucial to be proficient in the next steps of learning to manage and leverage your financial success.


We are going to begin this journey at the next Million-Dollar Business Strategies & Secrets Program on April 26th where I will have a very special guest speaker.


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Simple steps to ensure you are taking the RIGHT actions to grow your business »

One of the biggest challenges I see small business owners facing is consistently taking the key actions that will produce bottom line results. It’s easy to get wrapped up doing stuff. As a small business owner we wear so many hats which cause us to get pulled in many directions. Without a clear and deliberate focus on taking the RIGHT actions we end up spinning our wheels, stressing out, burning out, and each day go home exhausted, crashing into bed only to wake up the next morning, do it again, and years later look back and realize, “Crap, I’m in the same place I was three years ago.” (Phew, that was a long sentence.)

The critical element is taking the right actions that allow your business to grow. The great part that I’ve discovered is that the majority of people I talk to already know exactly what they need to be doing. For those who aren’t sure I have a simple step-by-step system that I use to help them become crystal clear on what needs to be done. That’s actually the easy part.

The big challenge is that they aren’t taking those critical actions. Here are three strategies that will help you to focus your energy and your efforts on exactly the right actions to grow your business.

Get a coach- Yep I’m just going to come right out and say it!

I just completed my latest interview with a man who owns 12 companies, has surpassed the million-dollar business mark, and has goals to reach $14 million in annual revenue. I asked him, “What have you done that has had the biggest impact on your business?” Without hesitating he said, “COACHING!” In just three years his coach helped him to transform his business into a million-dollar business. Something that he was unable to do on his own.

Coaching is the single most effective growth tool you can use. Your coach will ensure that you are on track, focused, and producing results. They challenge you and stretch you to breakthrough barriers, knock down walls, and get stuff done faster and easier. The only downside to coaching is that you no longer get to complain about your problems and challenges holding you back.

 Identify who you are trying to please.

Are you running your business out of a fear of disappointing someone or trying to please everyone? The simple answer is “of course not.” I invite you to look a little deeper. Quite often the reason for not taking the right actions revolves around a fear of disappointing, upsetting, or feeling disapproval by someone. This typically happens without our conscious awareness.

When you consider taking that bold step forward take notice if you recoil or hold back due to a thought or feeling of someone’s disapproval or judgment of you.

 This is a real experience and has destroyed many an entrepreneurs dream. The best way to breakthrough this obstacle is through a strong support structure. Build a great peer support team, find a powerful mentor, and get a coach. Those three elements will help you in those critical times when you need to overcome the internal fears that keep you from taking the RIGT actions.

 Shift your focus off of your to do list

Is your goal each day based around crossing items off of your list? If so, you might be stuck in a rut. A great strategy for moving forward and generating momentum is to simply put your head down and go. Quite often any action that gets you moving is good action. However, we can easily work ourselves into a rut, or pattern, that is based on habit and not on results. If you find yourself jamming from one task on the list to another and your goal each day is to get stuff done on your list…most likely you’re stuck in a rut.

 Once momentum is rolling it’s important to shift focus from activity to RESULTS. I suggest setting up a visual display of projects and completion dates. Then focus each day on the RESULTS that need to be produced and not just the tasks that need to be completed. Track each result daily with your team and remember to celebrate each and every win (um…result produced)!!

Raising the bar for success involves a lot of focusing and re-focusing of our strategies to ensure we are taking the RIGHT actions. It is a constant balancing act between strategy and execution. You may have one or a couple of these pieces in place already. Whatever you have, use this as an opportunity to refine your strategy, put one more piece in place, and keep building your foundation for success. The more work you do on this now, the easier it gets later.

Rolling out a new program…Million-Dollar Business Habits of Excellence!! »

This week I’m working diligently on setting up my brand new program the Million-Dollar Business Habits of Excellence program.


I’m super excited. I’ve been really working on how to help you as a business owner, professional, and  entrepreneur to move forward and improve your focus, your effectiveness, and your results in a simple, fun, and effective way that doesn’t take you out of your focus, distract your from your goal, or is just too much effort to achieve.


The M.D.B. Habits of Excellence program is perfect. The whole idea is to add into your daily life a habit that will help you to be more productive, more focused, get stuff done easier, give you more energy, lift your spirits, and overall help you produce better results. Sometimes thinking about this process can be scary and daunting. The reason for this is that we often take on too much. When we have an elephant to eat we can get very discouraged. The trick is to take small bites and just keep moving forward consistently.


The whole essence of the The Habits of Excellence program is to take small bites and just keep going. We’re going to focus on setting up one habit that you really want to focus on and YOU KNOW will make a huge difference for you.


I’m going to walk you through a very specific process, give you a step by step method, and be here to support you and encourage you to make this positive and fun shift. Then together we’re going to celebrate how this one little personal growth project completely impacts every aspect of your success.


If you want some more information here’s the link to the official registration page with the most important details. Or you can post a comment below!


Stay focused on excellence, play BIG, and put your passion in action

Coach Troy

Attracting Bigger and Better Clients »

This is one of my favorite topics. This month at the MDB SS program we are going to focus our attention on client attraction. Specifically looking at how you can attract bigger and better clients. This needs to be a primary focus in building a MDB yet is so often pushed aside for smaller and less important activities.

Why? Why would I spend hours on meaningless tasks, busy work, and chasing smaller clients around for pennies when I know, you know, and the whole world knows the best way to success is to get paid more for doing less? That means attracting bigger opportunities and getting paid more for the work you do.   

What most small business owners do is focus their efforts on the most pressing and important tasks that need to get done. While this strategy seems absolutely necessary based on the amount of “stuff” there is to do, it actually only serves to create the endless “hamster on the treadmill” effect which simply leaves us feeling exhausted and worn out without much progress toward our big dreams.  

 Here are three tips that I’ve used in my business over the past 11 years to attract million dollar level clients even when I was too young, too inexperienced, and completely unknown in the community.

Tip 1- Understand that you will never get “caught up.” I know this sounds a little pessimistic, but this is what my coach has taught me is an unrealizable fantasy. Thinking that if “this” gets done, then I can do “that,” only leads to procrastination of my dreams. The reality is that there will always be something else that needs to happen before you can go after what you really want. You have to start doing what you want NOW! Find a way, make it happen. Git-r-done!

Tip 2- Ask for what you want. You miss 100% of the shots you do not take. There’s no way to hit a homerun if you don’t step up to the plate. I suggest hedging your bets and starting with the people you have the strongest relationship with first. It’s easiest to ask a favor of the people you have a comfortable relationship with. Make a list of those people. Clearly identify what you want. Ask them to help. Nobody gets to the top by themselves and people love to help the ones they care about. 

Tip 3- Tame the drunken monkey…and I’m not talking about that really good noodle dish at theSzechwanPalace. I’m referring to that annoying voice inside your head that chatters like a drunken monkey. It’s the one that says “no,” “don’t,” “you shouldn’t,” “wait,” “hold off,” “you’re not ready.” You have these thoughts, I have these thoughts, and so does everyone else on the planet. It’s natural, however we cannot let the drunken monkey run our business. My greatest opportunities came when I became conscious of the thoughts that were flowing through my mind and deliberately replaced the bad ones with the right ones. “Yes!” “Go for it!” “I can do this!” “Give it a shot.” Whatever your limiting thoughts or beliefs are it’s time to replace them with ones that will benefit you in the long run.

Attracting bigger and better clients has little to do with the prospect and a lot to do with you. Follow the sage advice of success guru Jim Rohn and always be “working harder on yourself, than you do on your job.” Find a way to take action on the things you want now, reach out to those who are dying to help you, put the drunken monkey back in his cage, and watch the great opportunities magically appear before your eyes.


Put your PASSION in ACTION »

There is no greater driver of success than PASSION. Now that we have completed the transformation of BE! Coaching into Evoc, our focus is simple…help you put your PASSION into ACTION with a practice of EXCELLENCE.

Your passion, the pursuit of excellence, and a keen coaching eye to help you to bring out your best. I can’t think of a better recipe for success.

Stay tuned for more on passion, excellence, and strategies to drive your leadership, your business, and your life to a whole new level.

Keep playing big,
Coach Troy

Change Happens! »

The one constant in life is change! Right now we are working on a huge project of rebranding Be! Coaching & Consulting. For the past 10 years we have been working with small business owners, entrepreneurs, & professionals to create breakthroughs in business growth. Now we are going to take our work to a new level.

        Today’s business environment demands a clearer focus, a more deliberate product and service, and the ability to do much more, faster, with a lot less. Success as a small business owner boils down to our ability to set clear expectations and direction for the company and inspire our team to innovate in order to produce results at a whole new level.

This is a lot to manage while focusing on the never ending hunt for unique and new ways to attract new business and compel customers to return over and over. It’s a big job but we feel, as with anything, there is a fundamental skill set that allows for ease and simplicity.

Our new brand, image, message, programs, and resources are being designed with one major element in mind, to help you as a small business owner, entrepreneur, or professional to master these fundamentals, bring out your best, and really drive your business beyond good, past great, and into the elite levels of excellence.

I cant wait to share the new business with you and I look forward to being a part of your incredible success for years to come.

Check back very soon as our new launch is happening in just a few days.

Coach Troy

Create Big Results for Business Growth »

You know anyone can make fried chicken, but nobody makes it like Colonel Sanders. Why? Because he has a secret ingredient that gives it just the right taste and flavor.

If you’ve been to any of my workshops or talks over the past couple of years you’ve probably heard me talk about one of my favorite mantras,

This simple concept has been the cause to really transforming my business over the past few years and of course I drive this concept through to my clients to create big results for their business growth.
I have to be honest with you, there’s a little trick to this magic question. Just like Colonel Sanders chicken there’s a secret ingredient.
I can’t give you Colonel Sanders secret recipe, but I am pulling back the curtains and revealing the strategies and secrets that the million-dollar business owners have been using to grow their small businesses into the elite 1% of businesses. And this month I’m going to reveal the secret ingredient to solving the one problem that makes other problems solvable.
You absolutely have to join me this month for the Million-Dollar Business Strategies & Secrets program.
When: Friday October 29th 12:00-1:30pm
You will no longer be kept in the dark when it comes to the strategies and secrets of turning your business into a million-dollar business and beyond.
Hope to See you Friday!
Coach Troy

Have you ever thought about what holds you back in your business? »

I receive questions like this all the time from my clients…

· How do I stop procrastinating?

· How can I get more time?

· How do I get more focused?

· How can I get my staff to be more effective?

· How do I keep my confidence up?

While those are all very important questions I think there is a fundamental flaw in the questioning. I’m learning by doing my Million-Dollar Business owner interviews that there isn’t a whole lot of revolutionary new information about the path to being in the top 1% of business. In short, most of the stuff I’m finding is pretty much what everyone has been saying already. As Jim Rohn says, “There are no new fundamentals.” All the basic steps, thought processes, and philosophies are already pretty widely distributed.

This is good news because it means the answers to the questions above do not need to be invented.They don’t need to be discovered or researched extensively. You do not need to take a pilgrimage to the top of a distant mountain to meet with a sacred guru. You do not need to journey to the far reaches of existence to seek the advice of an oracle. They are all already out there in plain sight, right in front of our noses. Take a little trip to the book store and pick up the latest book on success, or spend a few minutes on the internet and you’ll have your answers. In fact you’ve probably already heard them, read them, and even taught them to someone at some point.

So, what is this fundamental flaw? What is the major malfunction that is keeping 99% of businesses from reaching the million-dollar business level if all the answers are so easily accessible?

I am going to tell you. In fact I am unveiling the secrets and strategies that current Million-Dollar Business owners have used and are using to breakthrough the barriers that stop even some of the smartest, most hard working, and most dedicated business owners and I’m sharing them with you each and every month at the Million-Dollar Business Strategies & Secrets Program.

“There are no new fundamentals.” Jim Rohn

Coming up in October I’m going to share with you the most thought provoking and insightful secrets and strategies yet. So, mark your calendar for

October 29th from 12-1:30 PM

And stay tuned for more information on how you can become a part of the 1% and take your business to a whole new level.

Coach Troy

Do you have your saying, mantra, or slogan that represents your mission, your goal, or what you are driving towards with your business? »

“My what?” you ask. Well, I’ll just tell ya.

This past week I really cowboy’d up. I took a trip up to Pendleton Oregon with my mom to attend the 100th anniversary of the Pendleton Round Up. In case you didn’t know, this rodeo is one of the 10 largest in the world and is kind of a big deal in my family as my mom was once a princess on the Roundup Court. We had a blast the whole week catching up with all of her friends from the past, attending all of the events, and of course watching the buckaroos wrestle, wrangle, rope, and race. And through it all Kay was truly a star with fans continuously asking about her appearance on the roundup court years ago.

I took hundreds of pictures and even hours of videos with my flip video camera but throughout the whole experience there is just one thing that keeps running through my head, over and over, “Let ‘er buck!” It’s the tagline, slogan, and theme of the Pendleton Roundup and everyone says it. I must have heard “Let ‘er buck!” two thousand times over a three day period. I must have read it another thousand times on signs, banners, posters, window murals, and even t-shirts. The announcer at the rodeo said it. The current Round Up Court princesses were yelling it out during the parade. It even popped up on the screen of my car radio dial. This slogan was every where and it is now firmly stuck in my head!

So here’s my question to you. Do you have your saying, mantra, or slogan that represents your mission, your goal, or what you are driving towards with your business?

Jim Collins, in his book Built to Last talked about the concept of establishing a BHAG or Big Hairy Audacious Goal. “A true BHAG is clear and compelling, serves as unifying focal point of effort, and acts as a clear catalyst for team spirit.” Great companies and leaders use this concept of BHAG to focus their employees and to keep the ship on track and focused in the right direction.

Here are a couple of quick examples,

· Ford: “Democratize the automobile” (early 1900′s)

· Nike: “Crush Adidas” (1960s)

What do you use to keep yourself and your team focused and on track? I suggest setting a BHAG and creating an accompanying theme, mantra, or statement that is easy to remember, sticks in your head, and gives you focus and energy.

Also, as far as I’m concerned, feel free to copy, steal, pirate, and pilfer those that you’ve heard or read before. As long as it works for you, represents your mission, and will fire you up to get moving then I say, “Let ‘er buck!” Actually, I think I’m going to make mine…

“Git ‘r done!”

Coach Troy

P.S. I would love to hear what your BHAG tagline, mantra, or slogan is. So feel free to email over yours. If I hear some real good original ones I’ll compile them and post in a future mailing.

P.P.S- If great companies with a high level of success do it, it must be effective!Would you like to know what else the masters of success do to get big results? This week at the Million-Dollar Business Strategies and Secrets Program I’m going to reveal this well known but highly overlooked secret.

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Would You Like the Expertise of a “Forecaddie” for Your Business? »

This week I’m in Central Oregon and the weather is a fabulous 80 degrees. Yesterday, through the power of networking and good fortune, Kay (my mom) and I played golf at one of the premier private courses here in Central Oregon called Pronghorn. What a treat. The course was phenomenal… and hard, at least for someone who has never played it before. Luckily we had Peter with us. Peter is a forecaddie. In case you are wondering, a forecaddie is a person situated in the general landing area of holes to help quickly identify a ball’s position. As well as being great at spotting our ball, Peter was able to tell us exactly where we should be hitting the ball. He knew the distance to every tree, bunker, mound, flag position, and curve of the green. On several occasions Peter would say, “Now aim this shot about 15 feet to the right of the flag stick and hit it about x yards.” Not knowing the course, I trusted my advisor and adjusted my aim, even though his advice sometimes was counter to what I thought I should be doing. On the rare occasion I actually executed the shot like he instructed, the ball landed out of sight, behind the hill, and I heard Peter say, “Just wait. You’re going to see your ball trickling down to the flag.” And then, just as if he had control of my ball with a remote control, out from behind the mound came my ball, rolling gently toward the hole. Without his course knowledge I never would have picked that shot, and consequently my ball would have rolled right off the green.

I run across quite a few people who are scrambling their way through business just like playing a brand new golf course. They are armed simply with their own ideas and a set of tools for execution (or should I say “a set of clubs”) without much insight into what to expect and how to get around obstacles. They rely on their own experience and make decisions based on their own singular perspective. I’m not saying this is wrong. Just like playing a new golf course without a forecaddie, it’s more challenging and there’s a lot more opportunity for struggle, frustration, and the chance to make expensive mistakes. I think of a business coach like a forecaddie. They can help to steer you through the maze of decision making, problem solving, and effective strategizing all the while helping you to avoid some costly mistakes.

Would you like the expertise of a forecaddie for your business? I’ve been interviewing million-dollar business owners and pulling together the tips, tricks, secrets, and strategies for how to make the leap and transform your business into a million-dollar business.Friday, September 24th, I will unveil brand-new secrets and strategies that you can use right away to grow your business to a million-dollar success. It’s like having a forecaddie working for you in your business.

Million-Dollar Business
Strategies & Secrets Revealed
September 24 12:00-1:30
8281 East Evans Suite 104
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