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Momentum Check Part II

Are you cruising with a good momentum, business is rolling in, and you are heading in the right direction for achieving your goals and targets by years end?

If you are, congratulations. Last week I shared three important tips for what to do when you have a good momentum rolling…BUT, what if you are not experiencing the momentum you want and you feel like you really need to make a gear shift in order to see some better results. Here are the three easy steps to get your momentum rolling and set yourself up for are really strong business growth experience.

Steps to Momentum

Focus on Positioning

Right now is a crucial point in the year for business. You will either be on track for a breakthrough end of year production, or you need to really focus your energy on positioning. Think of building your business like baking a cake. Anyone who knows me would laugh at hearing me using a baking analogy as I spend very little time in the kitchen…but it works. I don’t know much about baking but I do know the first thing I would do to make anything is to make sure I first have the recipe as well as all of the ingredients handy. This is just like positioning your business for success. You first need the recipe, a well laid out plan with specific steps you will follow, and all of the necessary ingredients on hand.

Avoid Scrambling

Often when momentum is stalled our mindset shifts into a panic mode and we begin scrambling. This sort of strategy can lead to results but often is inefficient and doesn’t provide for a continuous momentum build. The expense of a panic mode scrambling is that it takes a lot of energy and it is not sustainable. Typically after a strong effort to create momentum we tire out, our effort relaxes, and the momentum rolls to a stop once again. We then begin the scrambling process again only to repeat this highly stressful and mostly inefficient strategy that never allows us to truly generate a sustainable momentum or velocity that will carry us to a whole new level of success and income.

Begin Again Every Day

The energy of starting something new is exciting, full of possibility, and filled with hope. Yet after we start an endeavor and experience the first set of hurdles the excitement begins to fade. Every journey will face hurdles and some will knock you down. Beginning again means getting up, starting over, and keeping the energy moving forward no matter what happens. You can begin again several times a day if needed. It’s like hitting the resent button. Dust yourself off and start…again…right now. In fact, the more you begin the same project newly from right where you are the greater your momentum gets.

Momentum is the holy grail of business success. When you have it rolling in the right direction projects move forward, people are happy, problems are solved easily, and business just flows in the door. Focus your energy on these three easy steps and you will generate a great momentum that will drive your business to a brand new level of success.

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