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How Does Coaching Impact Business Results? Wolf or Coyote?

Does THE RECESSION have you wishing you could take a recess from all the extra effort that making a living requires these days?

How Does Coaching Impact Business Results? Wolf or Coyote?  Then I have a question for you…are you a Wolf, or are you a Coyote?

“What the heck do wolves and coyotes have to do with making a living and my success in the time of a recession?”  It has everything to do with your ability to survive in today’s economy, not to mention your ability to survive in tomorrow’s economy too.

Your decision about whether you want to be a Wolf or Coyote has everything to do with your future success…AND IT ALL DEPENDS ON WHAT YOU DECIDE TODAY!!!

How does coaching impact business results? For the past seven years I have been coaching and consulting business owners, from the solopreneur to the multimillion dollar business owner.  In this short time we have seen many different economic situations from the devastation of the stock market after September 11, to the recession we are sitting in today, and everything in between.  In the past seven years I have learned one thing to be constant and true …THINGS CHANGE!

During these changing times I have posed this question to each of my clients.  Do you want to be a Wolf or a Coyote? The response is often a blank stare followed by an eloquent, “Huh?”

So, here’s the explanation.  The difference as I see it between the Wolf and Coyote is this:

Wolf: looks like a big dirty dog, lives and hunts in packs, almost extinct due to human encroachment, has been on endangered special list.

Coyote: looks like a smaller dirty dog, lives and hunts in my back yard, my front yard, my garbage. I’ve even seen them trotting along a golf course in downtown Scottsdale.  If I left my door open and food on the table I’d probably find them in my kitchen eating off of my dining room table.  They are everywhere.

Why are the Coyotes everywhere while the Wolf has struggled for existence? It is simply because the Coyote is more adaptable.  The Coyote has adapted to what is available to them and has learned to thrive where the Wolf barely survives.

Seeing as how the one thing we tend to know as a constant is CHANGE, which animal would you prefer to pattern your thinking off of…one that barely survives or one that THRIVES?  The key lies in your ability to adapt to your environment and the necessities of today’s business conditions.  It’s not rocket science but it does take attention and conscious thought.  Your success depends on your ability to adapt quickly to what is happening today; all the while knowing full well that what you do today may not work tomorrow.  The business world is changing at a rapid speed and one day the strategy that you have used to keep up with all of the business that is just falling in your lap can instantly turn into a bankrupt strategy when the magic waterfall of business instantly dries up.

A great book to read about this very topic is Who Moved My Cheese by Spencer Johnson.  It is the worlds number one book on change and a must read for you if you intend to thrive during these changing and demanding times.

Here are some suggestions that you can apply right now to begin the shift from thinking like the barely surviving Wolf to the thriving Coyote:

First off, get clear…Which one are you?

The Wolf says,

The economy sucks.

I have to work too hard for the same amount of pay.

People aren’t spending their money right now.

Consumers aren’t buying.

The economy is bad.

I just need to work harder.

Nobody is going to buy right now.

I keep trying and things just aren’t moving right now.

We’re in a recession, that’s just the way it is.

The Coyote says,

There’s food somewhere (aka opportunity).  I’ll keep looking.

Economy, what economy?  There’s an opportunity somewhere.  I’ll keep looking.

Hmm, what else can I try? There’s opportunity somewhere. I’ll keep looking.

Recession???  There’s opportunity somewhere.  I’ll keep looking.

Second, look at the reality.  Are we in a recession?  Sure.  So what? All that tells us is that our spending needs to change, our strategy for selling needs to be adjusted.  We may have to create ways to market and promote ourselves that are different from what they were before.

THE TRUTH IS PEOPLE ARE STILL SPENDING MONEY AND THEY ARE DOING IT EVERY DAY!  How do I know this?  I have clients that are having the greatest months ever in their business.

Third, get some coaching to adjust your strategy. Ok, it’s a shameless plug for coaching, but seriously now is not the time to be wasting trying to figure things out.  While you’re trying to figure out what is happening and what to do about it, there’s a fat coyote who’s just eaten your dinner.

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