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How can I make my money work for me BETTER

I’m sure you’ve heard that it’s important when you have money to invest it so that your money is working for you.


A few years ago I asked a client of mine, who is very proficient at making lots of money,

“How can I make my money work for me BETTER?”


His response taught me a very powerful lesson. He said, “Troy, I want you to understand something. People of average wealth have their money work for them. However, the secret to true wealth is not about having your money work for you, the secret is learning how to work your money.”


I see most small business owners are so focused on trying to make enough money to get by they fail to advance to the next step. As business owners we need to spend some time focusing on learning how to work our money to move into greater levels of financial independence.


In several conversations I’ve had with successful business owners, who have built and run multi-million dollar businesses, I’ve heard them tell me that if they had learned this lesson in the beginning that they would be retired today. Instead they are back in the rat race working to build up their financial stability once again.


Here are three very important money mindsets to keep you focused on the most important element of your success…making, keeping, and growing your income.


Mindset #1 – When you hit the lottery and your business takes off understand that it doesn’t always last forever.

            This sounds so simple but it is one that is hard to remember when we are experiencing the “lottery effect” of a good success wave. One of the biggest mistakes over the past 10 years is how a lot of small businesses hit the lottery due to the amazing economic growth conditions. As a result, business owners began living as though this phenomenon would always occur for them. They believed that since they had gained massive momentum that it would just keep happening. It did not. As a result they are back in the daily grind of trying to rebuild the momentum they once had when they easily could have found themselves retired and living the good life while everyone else struggled to stay afloat.

            Take every momentum boost with your business as a true gift to be cherished and handled carefully. Use the boost to improve your confidence while always strengthening your financial foundation.


Mindset #2 – What I have today matters.

            It is easy to think that the income I have today is not enough to warrant my careful attention to my financial planning. Therefore I neglect to set up or follow a plan. It’s easy to say, “I’ll do that when I have more money. I don’t have enough now to make a difference.” The problem with this is that you’re neglecting to reinforce a habit that will serve you in the long run. Once the money starts coming in, it will be too late to learn how to be an effective money manager.

The energy of money says that we will have what we are capable of managing and nothing more. Begin implementing the strategies for effective money management today regardless of where you are on the scale of success. This will set the foundation for being able to handle more.


Mindset #3—Take it from the money gurus…learn how to work your money.

            Take advantage of all the opportunities you can to gain money education. There are many amazing strategies that can be implemented from day one to help you to leverage your money, set yourself up for continued future success, and protect yourself from losses. These are strategies that we can be using right now and are likely already paying for in other areas.


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  1. Jerene | Apr 20, 2012 | Reply

    Most of the world live on less that $2 a day. We are all wealthy and need to treat our money with respect.

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