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Have you ever thought about what holds you back in your business?

I receive questions like this all the time from my clients…

· How do I stop procrastinating?

· How can I get more time?

· How do I get more focused?

· How can I get my staff to be more effective?

· How do I keep my confidence up?

While those are all very important questions I think there is a fundamental flaw in the questioning. I’m learning by doing my Million-Dollar Business owner interviews that there isn’t a whole lot of revolutionary new information about the path to being in the top 1% of business. In short, most of the stuff I’m finding is pretty much what everyone has been saying already. As Jim Rohn says, “There are no new fundamentals.” All the basic steps, thought processes, and philosophies are already pretty widely distributed.

This is good news because it means the answers to the questions above do not need to be invented.They don’t need to be discovered or researched extensively. You do not need to take a pilgrimage to the top of a distant mountain to meet with a sacred guru. You do not need to journey to the far reaches of existence to seek the advice of an oracle. They are all already out there in plain sight, right in front of our noses. Take a little trip to the book store and pick up the latest book on success, or spend a few minutes on the internet and you’ll have your answers. In fact you’ve probably already heard them, read them, and even taught them to someone at some point.

So, what is this fundamental flaw? What is the major malfunction that is keeping 99% of businesses from reaching the million-dollar business level if all the answers are so easily accessible?

I am going to tell you. In fact I am unveiling the secrets and strategies that current Million-Dollar Business owners have used and are using to breakthrough the barriers that stop even some of the smartest, most hard working, and most dedicated business owners and I’m sharing them with you each and every month at the Million-Dollar Business Strategies & Secrets Program.

“There are no new fundamentals.” Jim Rohn

Coming up in October I’m going to share with you the most thought provoking and insightful secrets and strategies yet. So, mark your calendar for

October 29th from 12-1:30 PM

And stay tuned for more information on how you can become a part of the 1% and take your business to a whole new level.

Coach Troy

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