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Get Your Head in the Game!!

A Quick Thought on the Value of a Business Coach

 “The Game” is a game for success, and it is no more than a game.  The one thing we need to remember above all else is… the Game is always on.  It doesn’t stop, sleep, pause, or take a time out.  The clock is always running, therefore if we are going to truly play this game to the best of our ability, our number one job is to make sure that we keep our head in the game. 

Keeping our head in the game is about maintaining focus.  It’s about staying true to the objectives that we set forth being persistent, consistent, committed, and resilient.  It’s about learning who we are, how we work, what we do well, and what we don’t do well so we know where to focus our resources for the most effective growth.

Keeping our head in the game is a lot of work!!  A coach is the essential ingredient to help each player manage keeping their head in the game.  They help us untangle our thoughts when we get confused.  Focus our energies when we get The Wobbles. Create and execute effective plans. Teach us critical skills.  Hold us accountable to fulfill our commitments.  Challenge us to be more than we think we can be.  They tell us what we need to hear, whether we like it or not.  They boost our confidence and drive us through our fears.  They know us often better than we know ourselves and they are there to pick us up when we need it most.  They are the foundational key to creating massive success. 

The Game is always on!!  Get your head in the game.  Get a coach to help you keep it there. 


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