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Do You have an Effective Strategic Plan for Growing Your Business?

Or, perhaps you don’t think you need one with a small business.

Here’s a little secret from the work I do with my clients to create big success (just take a look at the testimonials below of people who have attended this program and are having the best months in their business ever). The first thing I look for is an effective strategic plan…or any plan at all.

Once they get an effective plan the chain reaction of producing big results begins.

Work gets easier
Results come faster
Pressure releases
The cloud of confusion and uncertainty lifts
Fun occurs!!

Are you ready to have this for yourself?

Join me and the other business leaders in our community for the upcoming strategic planning program for your business:

Success the Easy Way: Strategic Planning Program
With Coach Troy Henson
“Head Coach for America’s Small Business Leaders”

Happening Thursday April 22nd from 1-5pm

(In a hurry? Here’s the link to secure your spot right away.)

“I attended Troy’s planning seminar at the end of 2009. In January of this year we had our best production month ever. In order to get a quick start in 2010 we also hired Troy to work with us to keep us on track with our goals and projections and in March we broke that record. I highly recommend coach Troy to anyone that is serious about taking their business to the next level.”
Mick Bernard, Credit Strategies

“I took your 1 Year Business Plan Class on January 23, 2010. In the last two weeks my business has come alive in a Big Way! I have booked more business this first week in February than I did the entire Month of January. Taking your class has been the Best ROI Ever! Your Energy is Contagious!! You are making a Positive Impact on the World! Thank You!” Dawn Patterson, Spartan Promotional Group

“I can do this! Troy you helped me see, with so much clarity, how I can impact the people around me. I have been wanting to play big for so long and you have really given me the strategic plan to put my vision into action. I’m excited about me again! Thank you! Patricial Mitchell, Owner Sincerely Yours Salon

Here’s your link to reserve your spot right away:

In this program you will:

* Discover the one key ingredient that every business owner needs to increase productivity in themselves and their staff.

* Re-Energize yourself to reach your vision and reconnect with your passion.

* Create a step by step plan for breakthrough growth in your business fast.

* Be inspired to create results you didn’t believe were possible in today’s economy.

* Learn the fundamental skill that separates the true business leaders from everyone else.

* Laser focus your energies to save time, work less, and make more.

* Develop a tool to make important decisions quickly to keep the momentum flowing.

* Get the most important task of the year…Your Strategic Growth Plan … DONE!

I’m always excited to host this program as I know the power of the process and what this can truly do for your business.

Don’t wait another day- use this link to reserve your spot now:

It’s time to start having success the easy way.

I look forward to seeing you there.

Coach Troy

P.S.- You know you can count on me to bring the
Energy of Success and over-deliver with content you
can use immediately.

P.P.S- By securing your seat today you are welcome
to bring a friend for f-r-e-e. That’s right, two for the
price of one. (I know, that’s a sweet deal!! ?)

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  1. self development courses | Apr 19, 2010 | Reply

    Strategic planning focuses largely on managing
    interaction with environmental forces, which
    include competitors, government, suppliers,
    customers, various interest groups and other
    factors that affect your business and its pro-
    spects. Your ability as a small business owner-
    manager to deal with these groups will vary
    widely depending on the group and on the timing.
    For example, you may enjoy greater influence
    with your local government than with the federal
    government. Also, you may be able to get more of
    what you want from a supplier than from a compe-
    titor (although size, distance, the percentage
    of the supplier’s business you represent and
    your record of dependability as a customer can
    affect this relationship).

    How you manage these
    and other relationships is one of the decisions
    you will make during the strategic planning pro-

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