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New Year! »

Here are three questions you should answer before you start the New Year… What did you do really well over 2012? I want you to realize how hard you’ve worked and how far you have come. It is so easy to get lost in the focus of everything that there is still to do and [...]

Rolling out a new program…Million-Dollar Business Habits of Excellence!! »

This week I’m working diligently on setting up my brand new program the Million-Dollar Business Habits of Excellence program.   I’m super excited. I’ve been really working on how to help you as a business owner, professional, and  entrepreneur to move forward and improve your focus, your effectiveness, and your results in a simple, fun, [...]

Do you have your saying, mantra, or slogan that represents your mission, your goal, or what you are driving towards with your business? »

“My what?” you ask. Well, I’ll just tell ya. This past week I really cowboy’d up. I took a trip up to Pendleton Oregon with my mom to attend the 100th anniversary of the Pendleton Round Up. In case you didn’t know, this rodeo is one of the 10 largest in the world and is kind [...]

The Final Magic Words to Make 2010 Your Year for Business Growth and Success! »

Today, the final two magic words to make 2010 the year of your breakthrough growth and success. There are spots left for the2010 Breakthrough to Success Business Planning Program for Friday and for Saturday. If you have not set up your strategic growth plan to PLAY BIG and grow with SPEED then you need to [...]

The Magic Words that will Transform Your Business Strategy in 2010! »

Want to know the 8 magic words that will make your 2010 the year you’re dreaming it will be? The first two magic words for 2010…PLAY BIG. The third magic word that will absolutely transform your business in 2010…SPEED! Magic word #4…TEAM! PLAYING BIG, with SPEED, and a powerful TEAM can only lead to one [...]

Want to know the 8 magic words that will absolutely transform your business in 2010? »

Here are the first 2… Play Big! Nothing great was ever achieved by playing small. Too often we set our sights on what we think is realistic and reasonable. Did you ever notice how often you set a goal or target only to fall slightly short of the mark? It happens. In fact falling slightly [...]