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Release the Brakes and Move Forward »

Two weeks ago I posted an article on my blog with the three steps to make a business transformation (like adding staff, doubling your income, upgrading your systems). The three steps were… o       Anticipate o       Decide o       Start Now. You can review the article here  I thought it would be beneficial to give you some [...]

Tips for Managers: Follow Through, Communication, Sticking to the Plan, and Focus! »

Here were three questions that came up in a recent presentation that I did around building and leading a winning team and some of my thoughts… How do I get people to follow through? For inspiring follow through I like to think about the eight ton elephant who is restrained by a tiny piece of [...]

Momentum Check Part II »

Are you cruising with a good momentum, business is rolling in, and you are heading in the right direction for achieving your goals and targets by years end? If you are, congratulations. Last week I shared three important tips for what to do when you have a good momentum rolling…BUT, what if you are not [...]

The Holy Grail for Small Business Success »

Are you cruising with a good momentum, business is rolling in, problems are being handled, and you are heading swiftly towards achieving your goals? Or, do you feel stalled out, like every day is a grind, you’re tired, and for every step forward you seem to get pushed two steps back? Recently I asked a [...]