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The Holy Grail for Small Business Success »

Are you cruising with a good momentum, business is rolling in, problems are being handled, and you are heading swiftly towards achieving your goals? Or, do you feel stalled out, like every day is a grind, you’re tired, and for every step forward you seem to get pushed two steps back? Recently I asked a [...]

Rolling out a new program…Million-Dollar Business Habits of Excellence!! »

This week I’m working diligently on setting up my brand new program the Million-Dollar Business Habits of Excellence program.   I’m super excited. I’ve been really working on how to help you as a business owner, professional, and  entrepreneur to move forward and improve your focus, your effectiveness, and your results in a simple, fun, [...]

Tony Robbins on the Seasons of Life »

I saw Tony Robbins on TV this week promoting his new reality show (which I missed watching because I forgot to Tivo it; I’ll check it on Hulu). He always shares a great perspective to consider, and here’s what I picked up, in case you missed it: The late, great Jim Rohn, world-famous motivational speaker, [...]

Attention- Exciting News!! »

Have you had dreams of owning a million dollar business? Have you ever wondered how you can get your business to generate millions of dollars in revenue? The opportunity for you to finally learn the REAL secrets and the REAL strategies of being a Million Dollar Business owner is right around the corner. For the [...]

The Power of One Idea »

Check this out real quick… Have you ever received a voice message from someone important and just as they’re leaving their phone number the message cuts out and you miss the last number? Aaaagggh!! We all know that it takes exactly 10 numbers to make a successful phone call and without that last number it [...]

5 Words that Absolutely Inspired Me »

Want to hear something cool that happened to me this weekend. I was sent a message from a friend with five words that absolutely inspired me. She said, “Have an EXTRA amazing weekend.” Pretty simple really, I mean, people share encouraging thoughts with me all of the time. I often read closing comments to emails [...]

A Fantastic Analogy for Business Success »

Recently I was on a phone call with four of the greatest speakers, trainers, and business minds of my generation, Brian Tracy being one of them. He gave an awesome analogy that went a little like this… Imagine you’re the owner of a professional baseball team. You’re looking to hire a new manager to pull [...]

How Does Coaching Impact Business Results? Wolf or Coyote? »

Does THE RECESSION have you wishing you could take a recess from all the extra effort that making a living requires these days? Then I have a question for you…are you a Wolf, or are you a Coyote? “What the heck do wolves and coyotes have to do with making a living and my success [...]

Get Your Head in the Game!! »

A Quick Thought on the Value of a Business Coach  “The Game” is a game for success, and it is no more than a game.  The one thing we need to remember above all else is… the Game is always on.  It doesn’t stop, sleep, pause, or take a time out.  The clock is always [...]