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Change Happens! »

The one constant in life is change! Right now we are working on a huge project of rebranding Be! Coaching & Consulting. For the past 10 years we have been working with small business owners, entrepreneurs, & professionals to create breakthroughs in business growth. Now we are going to take our work to a new [...]

Would You Like the Expertise of a “Forecaddie” for Your Business? »

This week I’m in Central Oregon and the weather is a fabulous 80 degrees. Yesterday, through the power of networking and good fortune, Kay (my mom) and I played golf at one of the premier private courses here in Central Oregon called Pronghorn. What a treat. The course was phenomenal… and hard, at least for [...]

Tony Robbins on the Seasons of Life »

I saw Tony Robbins on TV this week promoting his new reality show (which I missed watching because I forgot to Tivo it; I’ll check it on Hulu). He always shares a great perspective to consider, and here’s what I picked up, in case you missed it: The late, great Jim Rohn, world-famous motivational speaker, [...]

Killer Opportunities to Grow Your Business »

One of the key traits many million-dollar business owners share is the ability to make decisions quickly and to take appropriate, timely action. However, making decisions quickly doesn’t mean that the person is reckless. Instead, it means the million-dollar business owner is willing to invest in opportunities and take calculated risks. There are a lot [...]

Attention- Exciting News!! »

Have you had dreams of owning a million dollar business? Have you ever wondered how you can get your business to generate millions of dollars in revenue? The opportunity for you to finally learn the REAL secrets and the REAL strategies of being a Million Dollar Business owner is right around the corner. For the [...]

5 Words that Absolutely Inspired Me »

Want to hear something cool that happened to me this weekend. I was sent a message from a friend with five words that absolutely inspired me. She said, “Have an EXTRA amazing weekend.” Pretty simple really, I mean, people share encouraging thoughts with me all of the time. I often read closing comments to emails [...]

Do You have an Effective Strategic Plan for Growing Your Business? »

Or, perhaps you don’t think you need one with a small business. Here’s a little secret from the work I do with my clients to create big success (just take a look at the testimonials below of people who have attended this program and are having the best months in their business ever). The first [...]

A Fantastic Analogy for Business Success »

Recently I was on a phone call with four of the greatest speakers, trainers, and business minds of my generation, Brian Tracy being one of them. He gave an awesome analogy that went a little like this… Imagine you’re the owner of a professional baseball team. You’re looking to hire a new manager to pull [...]

The Final Magic Words to Make 2010 Your Year for Business Growth and Success! »

Today, the final two magic words to make 2010 the year of your breakthrough growth and success. There are spots left for the2010 Breakthrough to Success Business Planning Program for Friday and for Saturday. If you have not set up your strategic growth plan to PLAY BIG and grow with SPEED then you need to [...]

The Magic Words that will Transform Your Business Strategy in 2010! »

Want to know the 8 magic words that will make your 2010 the year you’re dreaming it will be? The first two magic words for 2010…PLAY BIG. The third magic word that will absolutely transform your business in 2010…SPEED! Magic word #4…TEAM! PLAYING BIG, with SPEED, and a powerful TEAM can only lead to one [...]