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Making money is just the beginning »

One of the perks to building a successful business is having the cash flow to allow you to enjoy some of the grand luxuries of life. To some that may mean buying an exotic car, or moving into your dream house, or even taking  awesome vacations. Whatever your desire is the obvious key to success [...]

Simple steps to ensure you are taking the RIGHT actions to grow your business »

One of the biggest challenges I see small business owners facing is consistently taking the key actions that will produce bottom line results. It’s easy to get wrapped up doing stuff. As a small business owner we wear so many hats which cause us to get pulled in many directions. Without a clear and deliberate [...]

Rolling out a new program…Million-Dollar Business Habits of Excellence!! »

This week I’m working diligently on setting up my brand new program the Million-Dollar Business Habits of Excellence program.   I’m super excited. I’ve been really working on how to help you as a business owner, professional, and  entrepreneur to move forward and improve your focus, your effectiveness, and your results in a simple, fun, [...]

Attracting Bigger and Better Clients »

This is one of my favorite topics. This month at the MDB SS program we are going to focus our attention on client attraction. Specifically looking at how you can attract bigger and better clients. This needs to be a primary focus in building a MDB yet is so often pushed aside for smaller and [...]

Put your PASSION in ACTION »

There is no greater driver of success than PASSION. Now that we have completed the transformation of BE! Coaching into Evoc, our focus is simple…help you put your PASSION into ACTION with a practice of EXCELLENCE. Your passion, the pursuit of excellence, and a keen coaching eye to help you to bring out your best. [...]

Change Happens! »

The one constant in life is change! Right now we are working on a huge project of rebranding Be! Coaching & Consulting. For the past 10 years we have been working with small business owners, entrepreneurs, & professionals to create breakthroughs in business growth. Now we are going to take our work to a new [...]

Create Big Results for Business Growth »

You know anyone can make fried chicken, but nobody makes it like Colonel Sanders. Why? Because he has a secret ingredient that gives it just the right taste and flavor. If you’ve been to any of my workshops or talks over the past couple of years you’ve probably heard me talk about one of my [...]

Have you ever thought about what holds you back in your business? »

I receive questions like this all the time from my clients… · How do I stop procrastinating? · How can I get more time? · How do I get more focused? · How can I get my staff to be more effective? · How do I keep my confidence up? While those are all very [...]

Do you have your saying, mantra, or slogan that represents your mission, your goal, or what you are driving towards with your business? »

“My what?” you ask. Well, I’ll just tell ya. This past week I really cowboy’d up. I took a trip up to Pendleton Oregon with my mom to attend the 100th anniversary of the Pendleton Round Up. In case you didn’t know, this rodeo is one of the 10 largest in the world and is kind [...]

Would You Like the Expertise of a “Forecaddie” for Your Business? »

This week I’m in Central Oregon and the weather is a fabulous 80 degrees. Yesterday, through the power of networking and good fortune, Kay (my mom) and I played golf at one of the premier private courses here in Central Oregon called Pronghorn. What a treat. The course was phenomenal… and hard, at least for [...]