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A Fantastic Analogy for Business Success

Recently I was on a phone call with four of the greatest speakers, trainers, and business minds of my generation, Brian Tracy being one of them. He gave an awesome analogy that went a little like this…

Imagine you’re the owner of a professional baseball team. You’re looking to hire a new manager to pull your team out of the bottom ranks and become a winner. The new manager comes to you with his plan for success. He tells you that since your team has been on a big losing streak lately and attendance at games has dropped drastically that revenues and earnings for the team have gone down considerably. So, seeing as how revenues are down he’s decided to cut the teams training and practice program to save costs…

Hmmm, that doesn’t make sense, does it?

Just like in professional sports, our success demands that we constantly practice and improve our skills.

Coaching Tip: Think for a moment, what skill are you putting off developing that if you were to develop just a little bit, could totally transform your own level of performance as a business leader?

Quick test:
Below are the 4 pillars of transformational leadership, rate yourself on a scale of 0-5 for each

Vision & Strategy ___
Execution & Accountability ___
Solving Problem/Managing Challenges ___
Communication ____

Now ask the three to five people who work closest to you to give you a rank 0-5.

Pick the one that needs the most work, call your coach and get on it.

Don’t have a coach…give me a call I’ve got your back!!

Coach Troy

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