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Four quick tips to help you get the momentum rolling FAST!!! »

Sometimes when I’m working to get back in the groove after some time off I spin my wheels trying to get the momentum rolling. So, in case you’re experiencing some of the same, here are four quick tips to help you get the momentum rolling FAST!!!


Here’s what to focus on right away to get your momentum rolling fast…

  1. Get focused! 

Make sure you have a clear goal/objective to accomplish. For this time of year I steer my clients toward an objective they can accomplish by the end of the year. It’s like the final sprint at the end of the race. I know it sounds simple, but too often I get blank stares from people when I ask them what their goals are. Pick a target! Get focused! Play big!  Go for it!

  1. Create a reward!

For gosh sakes, create something exciting and worth playing for. Don’t just set a goal that makes you work harder. Work toward something important and when you reach it treat yourself to something awesome. Your goals need to include more than “getting stuff done.” I’m talking a real prize. Play for a goal like if you hit your target you take the family on a special trip for the Holidays, or plan to buy something you’ve always wanted. Give yourself something to get excited about then GO GET IT!!

  1. Identify 3 to 5 key success actions. 

This is a must do!! The trick to reaching goals is to move them from the future to the present by taking specific, deliberate, and consistent actions right now. So, identify the 3-5 actions you must take daily that will get you to your goals. Keep them simple though, don’t get complicated. I suggest setting aside specific time each day to take these steps. 

  1. Track your progress. 

Reaching goals takes specific attention. You must be on purpose, you must stay focused, and you must make adjustments along the way. How will you know if what is working without tracking your efforts? Believe me, you’d be shocked how many people don’t even remember what they had for breakfast let alone what they did throughout the week. Track your key actions. Do it daily. Review it weekly with your coach and commit to making performance adjustments each week. 


Follow these four steps. They are not hard. You can do them quickly. Setting up this whole process can take you less than 15 minutes and you’ll be on track moving forward and building momentum in no time AND you’ll be playing for something that will be really awesome to achieve.

New Year! »

Here are three questions you should answer before you start the New Year…

What did you do really well over 2012?

I want you to realize how hard you’ve worked and how far you have come. It is so easy to get lost in the focus of everything that there is still to do and how much you haven’t done. But you are working, you are moving forward, you are advancing your business. Now is the time to really acknowledge yourself for all that you have done. So, make a list of all of the accomplishments you have made over the past 12 months and give yourself some much needed credit and acknowledgement.

How will you build on your strengths over the next 12 months?

Being a small business owner or professional it is easy to get lost doing all of the “stuff” that really doesn’t support your most valuable strengths. Unfortunately as business grows and develops, the pile of “stuff” also increases. If you do not put a conscious effort into focusing on your strengths and building your daily and weekly structure to support these strengths you’re only setting yourself up for frustration.

The first step is to give yourself permission to off load the stuff that is not in your wheel house. Hear me now and believe me later, you do not have to do all of the stuff you are not good at. There are other options.

Secondly you have to trust and believe that by focusing on your strengths you can produce more, with greater ease, and much more enjoyment.

Third is to create a plan that focuses on offloading the “stuff” and focuses on capitalizing on your greatest strengths.

Without working harder how will you double your revenue for 2013?

 I know, “Troy if I knew how to do that I would already be doing it.” Don’t let this mindset stop you from finding an answer. Remember, what you are willing to tolerate, or allow, is exactly what you will get. Currently you are willing to tolerate your present level of success. Until you decide you will no longer tolerate this level you are not going change. Decide you can double your revenue for 2013. Commit to do it without working harder. And then pull out a pen and paper and start creating options.

If you get stuck answering these questions then add these as the next topic to address with your coach.

Release the Brakes and Move Forward »

Two weeks ago I posted an article on my blog with the three steps to make a business transformation (like adding staff, doubling your income, upgrading your systems). The three steps were…

o       Anticipate

o       Decide

o       Start Now.

You can review the article here 

I thought it would be beneficial to give you some ideas on the right starting point to make these important business shifts.

The first place to turn your attention on once you’ve decided to make a business upgrade is your mindset.

I want you to release the brakes that are stopping you from moving forward. Here are the three ways to make the initial mindset shift and release the brakes to get you moving…


Challenge Your Own Beliefs

I had a client who once told me he didn’t want to make more than $100k per year. When I asked him why he said, “Making more than that just causes problems.” When I asked him where he came up with this philosophy he told me it was because his parents constantly argued over money.

Watching his parents argue over money created a belief that making over $100k per year meant trouble at home. This is what I call a “false association.” We are always making decisions based on our beliefs. Quite often our beliefs are not accurate.

Whatever you think you can or think you can’t…you’re right. Challenge your beliefs. If you want something and you think you can’t get it, then get help to create a new belief pattern. It WILL change your life and likely your income.

Action: Identify what you want. Answer the question: “Why can’t I have this?” or “Why will this be difficult?” or “What will stop me from having this?” You answer will be based in a belief…now challenge that belief!


There Is Nothing Else To Do

I bet you would not even be shocked by the number of people who tell me, “I’d love to start coaching with you for my business. Once I…blah blah blah…then I’ll call you.” It’s a regular occurrence. This is like saying, “Once I get into shape then I will go to the gym.” Look, I think I’m pretty close to being the all time master of this process and I can tell you first hand that all it does is kill your momentum.

Action: Adopt the mantra, “What is the fastest way to the cash.” Make a plan, get your plan checked off by your coach, and get moving directly on the shifts you need to make. There is nothing else to do.


Stay Positive + Some

This sounds cliché but stick with me here. The negative spiral is one that creeps up on you in such a way that I’ve seen even the most positive people slide into a black hole of negativity that they didn’t even know they were in. It comes on when we get tired, have a lot of stress and pressure, and are riding a wave that is throwing one challenge after another in our face.

It happens. It will happen to you, me, and everyone we know. The trick is not just about staying positive it’s about surrounding ourselves with people who are willing to fight for our mental attitude. We have to make sure we have people around us to pull us out of the black hole when we slide into it.

As far back as I can first remember being coached as a kid, I remember my coach saying, “Good job, keep your chin up. You did good.” All of my great coaches were great because they helped me to think straight, stay positive, and keep the right mindset about the game.

Action: First add one new person to your support team who is an eternally positive influence on you. Second, remove someone from your regular daily activities who is not a powerful mental influence.


This is the way to get started, get the right people around you to keep your mind set in the positive direction, stop creating other things to do, and challenge the beliefs that could be holding you back.

Are You Ready for a Major Business Transformation? »

Would you like to finally reach that tipping point where your business just takes off and rockets to a whole new level?

It can happen. I know you believe it and I know deep down you can feel it. I know you are working hard. I know you are putting in the hours. I know you have the desire and the determination. I want to help you to make the process easier and more fun.

Here are the first three steps for you to make this transition…don’t worry these are really simple and you can do them right away.

The first step is to ACKNOWLEDGE to yourself that you are working too hard and there IS an easier way to get bigger and better results. You gotta believe! It is possible! You can have it! And it can happen easier, faster, and be a whole lot more fun.

The second step, DECIDE that you will do it differently. You know how it goes…keep doing the same thing over and over expecting to get a different result is INSANITY. Make the decision to do it differently. Commit to less stress, less pressure, working less, AND getting bigger and better results!! Commit to earning more money, having an amazing team that energizes you, smiling more, and making a bigger difference in the lives of the people who matter to you. Decide to make the changes that will make a difference.

The third step, START NOW. Let’s do this. Why wait? The success train isn’t waiting for you. It’s rolling down the track. All you have to do is jump on. Pick a new habit that is more consistent with who you want to be and the results you want to have and start it today.

ACKNOWLEDGE, DECIDE, and START NOW. It’s simple, it’s effective, and that is all you have to do today to begin building the momentum to create a huge business transformation.

Oh, and remember to have fun and enjoy every moment. Good things are happening for you…Starting now!!

Tips for Managers: Follow Through, Communication, Sticking to the Plan, and Focus! »

Here were three questions that came up in a recent presentation that I did around building and leading a winning team and some of my thoughts…

How do I get people to follow through?

For inspiring follow through I like to think about the eight ton elephant who is restrained by a tiny piece of rope. Trainers have conditioned the large animal to avoid even attempting to break free from it’s simple bonds even though it could do so with ease. The key is to make the idea of not following through more effort than following through. You can do this with three easy steps…

Step 1: Get a crystal clear promise agreement of the outcome expected and time frame.

Step 2: Make it clear that any “breakdown of promises” will lead to a specific follow up procedure.

Step 3: Outline this “breakdown of promises” procedure in such a way that it would be easier for them to follow through on their promises than to have to go through the “breakdown of promises” procedure.

If done correctly you likely won’t have to go through the “breakdown of promises” procedure more than once with any individual. If that occurs, well then you likely don’t have the right team member.


How do I get people to communicate better and stick to the plan?

Communication is the most frequent cause for breakdowns. To inspire good communication, set up a “boomerang system.” This means that every communication that goes out has an expected and anticipated return. This is as simple as adding in 2 simple steps to each communication.

1. When should I expect to hear back from you on this?

2. If I don’t hear back on X day/time, then I will follow up with you on Y day/time.

If you find yourself consistently in step 2 then it’s time to declare a communication breakdown with the individual and execute the “breakdown of promises” procedure outlined above.


I am feeling as if I am distracted by everything else rather than doing one thing at a time

Yes…Focus. For the solution to this, watch  (and enjoy) this You Tube video…J (Newhart video) (watch it)

I have a client who runs a gym and was facing the same challenge. I asked him, “When you are going to work out do you just walk into the gym and immediately start lifting weights?”

He said, “No, there’s a warm up process and stretching. Then I have to make sure I have all of the right equipment and my workout routine planned out. Finally, I follow a routine before each workout to make sure I have eaten the proper food and hydrated enough to sustain me through my workout without crashing.”

I said, “Oh, so I assume you do that same process when you settle in for a work session in your office.”

He said, “Um no, I just sit down and start working”

Focus doesn’t always just happen to us. We have to create and plan for it. Build a routine that allows you to warm up and ease into your focus period. Treat it like you would for a workout. Set up the tasks you will accomplish along with the time frame, the equipment, and the routine. Also be sure to hydrate appropriately and fuel your body with the right foods.

This really works.

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Momentum Check Part II »

Are you cruising with a good momentum, business is rolling in, and you are heading in the right direction for achieving your goals and targets by years end?

If you are, congratulations. Last week I shared three important tips for what to do when you have a good momentum rolling…BUT, what if you are not experiencing the momentum you want and you feel like you really need to make a gear shift in order to see some better results. Here are the three easy steps to get your momentum rolling and set yourself up for are really strong business growth experience.

Steps to Momentum

Focus on Positioning

Right now is a crucial point in the year for business. You will either be on track for a breakthrough end of year production, or you need to really focus your energy on positioning. Think of building your business like baking a cake. Anyone who knows me would laugh at hearing me using a baking analogy as I spend very little time in the kitchen…but it works. I don’t know much about baking but I do know the first thing I would do to make anything is to make sure I first have the recipe as well as all of the ingredients handy. This is just like positioning your business for success. You first need the recipe, a well laid out plan with specific steps you will follow, and all of the necessary ingredients on hand.

Avoid Scrambling

Often when momentum is stalled our mindset shifts into a panic mode and we begin scrambling. This sort of strategy can lead to results but often is inefficient and doesn’t provide for a continuous momentum build. The expense of a panic mode scrambling is that it takes a lot of energy and it is not sustainable. Typically after a strong effort to create momentum we tire out, our effort relaxes, and the momentum rolls to a stop once again. We then begin the scrambling process again only to repeat this highly stressful and mostly inefficient strategy that never allows us to truly generate a sustainable momentum or velocity that will carry us to a whole new level of success and income.

Begin Again Every Day

The energy of starting something new is exciting, full of possibility, and filled with hope. Yet after we start an endeavor and experience the first set of hurdles the excitement begins to fade. Every journey will face hurdles and some will knock you down. Beginning again means getting up, starting over, and keeping the energy moving forward no matter what happens. You can begin again several times a day if needed. It’s like hitting the resent button. Dust yourself off and start…again…right now. In fact, the more you begin the same project newly from right where you are the greater your momentum gets.

Momentum is the holy grail of business success. When you have it rolling in the right direction projects move forward, people are happy, problems are solved easily, and business just flows in the door. Focus your energy on these three easy steps and you will generate a great momentum that will drive your business to a brand new level of success.

The Holy Grail for Small Business Success »

Are you cruising with a good momentum, business is rolling in, problems are being handled, and you are heading swiftly towards achieving your goals? Or, do you feel stalled out, like every day is a grind, you’re tired, and for every step forward you seem to get pushed two steps back?

Recently I asked a successful million-dollar business owner to share with me one of the greatest lessons he’s learned in building his business, he said, “When my business hit momentum, I wish I would have paid more attention. I just thought the momentum would always be there…it wasn’t.”


If you are experiencing a good business momentum right now, that is fantastic. Congratulations!


Momentum is the holy grail for us small business owners. Once we have the ability to generate momentum and the systems and processes to sustain it, business get a whole lot easier. Just think about the people who have great success and seem to be doing nothing at all. It’s as if great things happen to them like magic…well it’s not magic, it’s momentum.

The ultimate goal in business is to build a system that generates and sustains a strong and consistent growth momentum. Here are three critical elements to generating and sustaining a positive growth momentum.

1. Initiate Change

Like the seasons, every summer is followed by a fall, and every momentum phase will be followed by a lull. This is inevitable and we can either wait until it happens and hope we react quickly enough to reduce momentum loss, or we can strategically pre-empt the shift by initiating a change on our timeline thus controlling the environment and dictating our own momentum shift. Initiating change give us the ability to plan ahead, set up a well thought out strategy, and avoid being sucked into a reactionary mode.


2. Consistently Upgrade Your Environment

It is absolutely imperative to understand that the limiting factor to all results is the environment we are operating in. For example, if I wanted to play a round of golf, I cannot do it inside my office (unless maybe it was miniature golf). Simply put the environment does not support that activity. When it comes to sustaining momentum we have to be conscious of our environmental constraints and continuously work to improve and expand them. The three foundational environments are our own mindset, the people we associate with, and the stuff around us, like physical things as well as the systems and processes to manage those things. Keeping a consistent momentum means we have to consistently develop and upgrade the environment we operate in to handle the growth and expansion that occurs with good momentum.


3. Improve Your Habits

40% of actions performed each day are not based on conscious decision; rather they are an act of habit.

This means that in a 16 hour day, 6 hours and 24 minutes of the entire day is being run without our conscious control. To take this a step farther, our level of success, the amount of money we make, our physical fitness, our health, the amount of stress we have, the number of problems we deal with, the fact that we don’t have enough time, that we work too hard, that we don’t have good enough people…the list goes on… and all of it…ALL OF IT is a habit! It is all a result of our ingrained, unconscious, automatic, built in, natural response (or reaction) to the environment that we are operating in…HABIT. And if we don’t consciously work to improve the critical habits then our own mind and body will actually work against us, constantly hitting the brakes and killing our momentum.


Good momentum is like drinking from the Holy Grail.  Results come easier while you feel like you are working less and less. Each and every step you take builds upon the previous. Your efforts compound, which leads to bigger results without having to put in greater levels of effort. On the other side, without a strong positive momentum you are perpetually beginning each day from ground zero, working harder and harder, and never truly feeling any relief of pressure.


In the following weeks I will break down each of these three critical components to momentum and give you very specific steps that you can take to ensure you are continuing to build a positive growth momentum.


Want to fast track your momentum generation?

Feel like you’re stuck, dead in the water, or running on an endless treadmill?

Schedule an introductory 45-minute session today.

  • Identify the key elements of your environment that are causing you and your business to leak valuable momentum.
  • Build a personalized and simple habit development plan to boost your focus and productivity results exponentially.
  • Clarify the strategy to leverage your current momentum and initiate the change to spring board your business to a new level of success…without working harder.


When it comes to building your business, what do you really want? »


When it comes to building your business, what do you really want? Would you like more clients? Would you like more income? Of course, these would be great along with all of the other benefits that come with a strong business momentum. Would it be sufficient to have more clients for just the next few months and then they dropped off again? Would it be okay to catch a financial wave and make more money for a little while then struggle to fill the pipeline once again? I would say, “No, that isn’t what I really want.”


Here’s what I want:

 1) I want more people that I really love to work with, my ideal clients, flocking to me

2) I want to exert waaay less effort to find them.


Over the past 11 years working with highly successful business owners I’ve observed a few key ingredients that are consistent among the most successful people who experience the attraction of great clients with ease. Here are three quick tips…


1)      Develop a system. When I ask small business owners about their business generation strategy they basically tell me about the “stuff” they do. Things such as networking, mailers, trade shows, social media, etc. Most often there isn’t much of a system to it and each step works independently of each other. A true system integrates each and every piece to help the other. Step one is to build a system with each piece working to benefit the other.


2)      Automate the system. This is where freedom occurs. A system that requires your full and undivided attention isn’t a structure to support you, it’s another job. If you’re like most of the people I work with, you certainly do not have time for another job. The systems need to be designed to run automatically and CONSISTENTLY. If it becomes your job to write, organize, print, stamp, stuff, and mail every marketing pieces then someone somewhere is going to suffer (starting with you).


3)      Have others run the system. Ideally, hiring a new staff or team member should not be an expense. It should be a revenue boost. If you have developed systems to attract boat loads of the right clients and draw them to you like a moth to a flame and you have designed them to run automatically and consistently then all you really need is someone to help monitor and improve on the effectiveness of each system so you don’t have to. The system should add revenue to the business and the staff is there to make sure the system runs correctly.


Generating great clients, consistently, and with ease for years and years to come is the true desire of being a small business owner. Each and every thing we do should be geared for this purpose. Achieve this goal and watch your life and your business prosper and thrive.

How can I make my money work for me BETTER »

I’m sure you’ve heard that it’s important when you have money to invest it so that your money is working for you.


A few years ago I asked a client of mine, who is very proficient at making lots of money,

“How can I make my money work for me BETTER?”


His response taught me a very powerful lesson. He said, “Troy, I want you to understand something. People of average wealth have their money work for them. However, the secret to true wealth is not about having your money work for you, the secret is learning how to work your money.”


I see most small business owners are so focused on trying to make enough money to get by they fail to advance to the next step. As business owners we need to spend some time focusing on learning how to work our money to move into greater levels of financial independence.


In several conversations I’ve had with successful business owners, who have built and run multi-million dollar businesses, I’ve heard them tell me that if they had learned this lesson in the beginning that they would be retired today. Instead they are back in the rat race working to build up their financial stability once again.


Here are three very important money mindsets to keep you focused on the most important element of your success…making, keeping, and growing your income.


Mindset #1 – When you hit the lottery and your business takes off understand that it doesn’t always last forever.

            This sounds so simple but it is one that is hard to remember when we are experiencing the “lottery effect” of a good success wave. One of the biggest mistakes over the past 10 years is how a lot of small businesses hit the lottery due to the amazing economic growth conditions. As a result, business owners began living as though this phenomenon would always occur for them. They believed that since they had gained massive momentum that it would just keep happening. It did not. As a result they are back in the daily grind of trying to rebuild the momentum they once had when they easily could have found themselves retired and living the good life while everyone else struggled to stay afloat.

            Take every momentum boost with your business as a true gift to be cherished and handled carefully. Use the boost to improve your confidence while always strengthening your financial foundation.


Mindset #2 – What I have today matters.

            It is easy to think that the income I have today is not enough to warrant my careful attention to my financial planning. Therefore I neglect to set up or follow a plan. It’s easy to say, “I’ll do that when I have more money. I don’t have enough now to make a difference.” The problem with this is that you’re neglecting to reinforce a habit that will serve you in the long run. Once the money starts coming in, it will be too late to learn how to be an effective money manager.

The energy of money says that we will have what we are capable of managing and nothing more. Begin implementing the strategies for effective money management today regardless of where you are on the scale of success. This will set the foundation for being able to handle more.


Mindset #3—Take it from the money gurus…learn how to work your money.

            Take advantage of all the opportunities you can to gain money education. There are many amazing strategies that can be implemented from day one to help you to leverage your money, set yourself up for continued future success, and protect yourself from losses. These are strategies that we can be using right now and are likely already paying for in other areas.


            Check out this month’s Million-Dollar Business Strategies & Secrets Program to gain some knowledge and highly effective strategies for leveraging you money today for protection and future wealth options.


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